Freycinet Bushwalk

3 – 5 October 2012

As we were going on a bushwalk to Freycinet Peninsula the potential geocache finds in the area were checked and several were close to our route. We went for three days, camping at Cooks Beach for both nights and heading down to a rocky peak beyond Passage Beach. Graham (Graham51) was with us although he took the longer return option over Mount Graham where he also managed to locate a cache on his journey. On the way back in the car we picked up a couple in the region.

Top of the Pass

Our first for the day, located by Graham, and although a few muggles were about none took much notice of us,


Half empty or half full?

We dropped our packs and with two people holding GPS’s and three heading to GZ it was surprising how little attention the muggles paid to our activity. One looked up for a while but soon turned back to look at the scenery elsewhere.


Blue Champagne

Our objective for the days bushwalk was the southern peak on the Freycinet Peninsula above point Geographe. The approach was by walking to the end of Bryans Beach and it was while passing this way that Graham (Graham51) spotted a suspicious site. Suspicious that is only to a geocacher.

So this was very much a surprise bonus for the day.


View near cache site Bryans beach


Waterfall LoungeIMG_7482

The GPS took us through a gap in the boulders and into a cave like rock. We could not help but wonder why this bit of wood craft was hidden away from view. We assumed it was of the same vintage as the lounge on the top of the pass back up the track.

We also removed the “mintie” sweet that had been left to glue things together.

Wooden waterfall with Graham signing log


Corner to Paradise

Two cars were at the cache site when we pulled up and one muggle was looking at the information near the GZ, but left soon as her partner sitting in the car had the engine going and seemed keen to be going.

We searched about looking up and Peter and Graham were about to check a sign on the roof when Sue saved them the effort by calling out that she had found it.


Great Oyster Bay Lookout

On our way home this was our last cache and was found quickly, just as another car drove off. A sign proclaimed the scene from here, but wattle trees have grown up and the view has been obscured.


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